Sunday, May 20, 2018

April Completions

I have a few quilts that were finished in April.

This quilt was a top for over a year. I finally decided that I needed to finish it up. I have an embroidery machine with these cute little girls doing all their chores.

I used the Whirly Gig pantogram for the quilting on this one.

This quilt was made from leftover red and white 9 patches from a large quilt I completed over a year ago.

I used the Whirly Gig on this one too and I pieced the backing from leftover pink flannel.

This is another purple baby quilt made from my collection of purple 2 1/2 inch squares.

I also used the Whirly Gig pantogram on this quilt.

I have a few more quilts to show and record for the year but I will not be able to blog about them for awhile as we are going fishing at Strawberry Lake this week.

Keep on Scrappin!

Monday, May 14, 2018

March Completions

The next quilts to show were completed in March.

The next two quilts are the same pattern and look like they are the same quilt.

 But if you look close you can see the the backings are different.

This was a class I took from Bonnie Hunter here in Utah in August.

I decided I didn't want to make a full size quilt and so I turned the blocks I made into two baby quilts. It looks like I used the Baptist fan for the quilting.

This quilt I call a build-a-quilt. I started out with green and white 4 patches and then continued to add different colored rings around the last round.

I have so many cut 2 1/2 inch squares I was trying very hard to use them up.  I didn't succeed but I now have added this quilt to my collection in the trailer.

Completions for Febrauary

I was very busy in February, March and April. Most of my extra time was spent on hand binding these quilts and also crocheting.

This is another star quilt very much like the quilts I have shown before.

This was quilted with the Baptist fan.

This quilt is just like the previous quilt with a different backing. I used the Baptist fan for the quilting.

I got this pattern off the web but I forget the name of it.

I used the Whirly Gig pantogram and pieced the backing for it.

Another star quilt.

I used the Whirly Gig pantogram on this quilt. I love the border print of stars.

Completions for February

The following are more great grand baby quilts.

This quilt looks like sunshine to me.

I used the Whirly Gig pantogram for the quilting on this quilt.

This quilt has a fun orangy batik for the border fabric. I used the Baptist fan groovy board for the quilting on this quilt.

These quilts were completed the first part of Febrauary.

More January Finishes

I have over 15 baby quilts completed for our future great grand babies.

These two quilts have the same border print fabric.

This quilt has a figured flannel backing

This quilt has a striped backing. Both quilts were quilted with the Whirly Gig pantogram.

This quilt is very much like the previous quilts.

I used the Baptist fan pantogram for this quilt.

This quilt is actually a charity baby quilt.

I used the Whirly Gig pantogram and I pieced the backing with a few different leftover flannels.
I completed these quilts in January.

First 2018 Quilt Finish-1st couple weeks of January

I am finally blogging about my quilt completions for this year, Yeah!
The following are two quilts and pillowcases for our new to us trailer. I decided that the accent colors for the trailer would be aqua, teal and turquoise.

The pillowcases are coordinated with the quilts.

I forget at this time what pattern this quilt was made after but I think it was a Jenny Doan pattern.

I used the baptist fan groovy board from my HQ long arm machine to quilt it.

I used a medium tan background fabric for this quilt.

This one is just a charm type quilt pattern I made by myself.

I used a cream color fabric for the background for this quilt.

I used the Whirly Gig pantogram for this quilt and I used the same sheet pattern for both quilts.

I will now work on blogging on the many quilts I have finished in the last 5 months.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wow, life gets a little crazy sometimes

I have finally completed a quilt. This Fall was a very busy and sometimes very stressful time!

In August my husband had surgery. One month later I had a total knee replacement and in the middle of my recovery my mother went down. The colon cancer caught up to her and took her life. She ended up with me at my home on hospice and past away on October 13th.

I was able to do some piecing in that time frame but was not up to the quilting until this past week.

This is a Jenny Doan pattern.

I bought this jelly roll several years ago and I think this quilt will look great in my spare bedroom.

I used the Whirly Gig pantogram with a varigated purple Superior Thread.

I am planning to keep this quilt for myself. I have two quilts planned for our new trailer and can't wait to get started on them.

Keep on Scrappin!