Saturday, January 19, 2019

Using up parts in stash

This quilt is another example of using up parts from my stash in my clean out efforts. I had many leftovers from a previous quilt that I just didn't want to throw out.

It is a very small quilt but should be OK as a charity quilt for a little girl.

I was having trouble with the HQ again so I had to talk to the tech about the issues I was having after I got this quilt off from the HQ. I am disappointed in stitches but I think it will work out OK.

I used the Baptist fan groovy board for the quilting. I used a hot pink for the thread on this one.

I think this is a very cheery quilt in spite of the issues I was having.

Lots of Scrapiness going on around here!

Second Completion for 2019

Bright and cheery! This quilt also would have been completed in December 2018 if my HQ had not gone down.

This was a jelly roll I had for several years. I have been cleaning up in my Quilt Studio and wanted to clear out old stuff.

The inner and outer borders are from my stash also!

I did the Whirly Gig pantogram for the quilting and bought a new sheet for the backing.

This quilt will be going to Sarah. I hope she likes it.

More Scrappiness!

Oh Viking! First Quilt for 2019

 Well, this is the first quilt completed for 2019. Actually this quilt would have been finished in December 2018 but my HQ went down and had to go to the doctors.

This is a quilt that I saw online with a blogger that I follow so I bought the pattern early last year.

We have a Danish background and my husband and one of my sons love the Vikings!

So here are some very cool modern Vikings!

I was almost finished with this quilt when the HQ went down so it didn't take much to finish it up for a 2019 completion. All of the fabric is from stash except the helmets and horns.

Scappy Scrappy!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Southwestern Trailer Quilt

I completed this quilt the first part of October.

My husband Ron and I went to Lake Powell in the early spring and I wanted to go to a fabric store.

As I was going thru the fat quarters that the store had I noticed they had allot of Southwestern fabric. My husband and I really like the different fabrics.

So because so many of the fabrics had turquoise, teal or aqua in them I thought a quilt for our trailer would be a perfect fit.

This pattern used large pieces of fabric to make a block and I thought it would be perfect to showcase these fabrics. I did get into my stash to bring more variety into the quilt but most of the fabrics are what I purchased that day.  I used the Baptist Fan pantogram that I have for the quilting.  This quilt looks great on our trailer bed and has really brightened the bedroom up quite a bit.

Keep on Scrapin!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Curved Magic Quilt

My husband went with me to pick up my sewing machine from its annual checkup and saw a quilt on the wall that he liked.  First off, he doesn't like white backgrounds in a quilt and second it had lime green which is not his favorite color.

This quilt is made from a curved ruler. It has a book with this quilt and several others in it. I was a little intrigued so a week or so later I went back to the store and purchased the book and the ruler.

I showed on a previous post the table runner I made to learn this new and tricky technique. This top went together relatively easy. I loaded it on the HQ and was quilting a simple pantogram and on the second row I really messed up but didn't notice until the third row.  I was so upset and decided I was going to just give it away as a charity quilt.

I was making this quilt on the sly so I could give it to my husband for his birthday in October. He could tell I was upset about something so I ended up telling him what was wrong. He said to finish it and let him decide whether to keep it or not.

Well, it is done and it is on the back of his sofa so I guess we are keeping it.

I would say 'Keep on Scrappin' but this is not a scrappy quilt. I purchased the blue and grey just for this quilt.  I would never have made this quilt because there is only three colors but he seems to like it.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Last Quilt for Today

This is my last quilt post for today.

This was made from a jelly roll I have had for almost 10 years. It was time to use this jelly roll.

This is a pattern by Jenny Doan called Card Tricks. I custom quilted this. Not real good but done is better than perfect.

I really love the bright colors and white back ground of this quilt.  At this point I am not giving this quilt away.

Keep on Scrappin!

Baby Quilts Completions

Wow, baby quilts!

About 10 years ago I purchased die cut hearts and then promptly stashed them away. I am not quite sure why I purchased them other than they were cute.

This red and purple one was very iffy to me. Just not my favorite colors for a baby quilt.

This pattern was from Wedding Dress Blues website. I used up some half square triangles that I had stashed in a drawer.

All of these quilts have been quilted with the Baptist Fan groovy board.

Now this quilt is much more in the colors I think should be baby quilts.

All of the squares used in these baby quilts are 5 inch squares that I have cut and stashed.

I have a drawer full of 1 1/2 inch squares and strips that I really love.

I also love 9 patches on point and with my favorite color of green I think this quilt is lovely.

Pink and lavender is a very girly baby quilt.

I really like the combination. All of the heart quilts are just randomly arranged.

This is a totally scrappy baby quilt with  different a layout. I think it is a very interesting design.

All of these quilts are going into bins that I have set aside for our coming great grand babies.

This one I like because it is various shades of green. Even some greens that I am not particularly fond of.

I like yellow, orange and green quilts for babies.  This way a boy or girl can use them.

This is for sure a baby boy quilt. I love all the different blues.

Well, this is all of the quilts for babies but not the end of the quilts that I have completed. Stay tuned for more.

Keep on Scrappin!