Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vacation and Panquitch Quilt Walk

We have been gone on a vacation and this was the first time I have been to the Panquitch, UT Quilt Walk. I signed up for one class, an applique class, and I have learned quite a bit.

This is the bronz statue for the Quilt Walk. To see a video of the reason for the Quilt Walk you can click here. It is an inspiring story of those early pioneers.

I took this class in order to learn a new method of applique because I have not been happy with my applique work in the past. I have done machine applique and have done one project with needle turned hearts. I have not been pleased with the results.

Here are some pictures of my progress.

This is a picture of the block along with my set up.

Here I have 3/4 of the work glued on the background fabric and I have started stitching.

This picture shows the second layer to the large flower.

This is a close up of one of the 4 flowers that I have completed. I have all the stems and leaves done also.

This was my start for the bias stems.

This shows how the teacher had us make the bias tape needed for the stems. She had us place 2 large pins spaced just over 1/4 inch from where the pin went into and out of the ironing board. The two pins are an inch apart. I threaded the tape folded in thirds under the two pins and laid the iron on top and gentley pulled the tape thru as I folded the fabric before going thruugh the pins.

This is the other side of the iron with the finished tape. I have enough bias tape for a whole quilt worth of stems.

I am linking up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching today. Be sure to hop over and check out all the hand stitching going on today.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge-Yellow

I have been able to finish my blocks for June. Yeah! I have two blocks to show from my Craftsy class.

 This block is the Greek Cross .

This block is the Octogon.

I have also made three more of my green 9-patches as leader enders while making these blocks.

I will be linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge today. Hop on over and check out what others are working on.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Design Wall

I put up some string blocks today on my design wall. I have been working on these string blocks since last summer and today I decided that maybe I better see how many I needed for a twin size quilt.

I have 27 sets of 2 over the amount I will need for this quilt. I will just continue making these string blocks for a future quilt.

Here is how it will look. I have all the sashings cut and ready to go.

The corner stones are blue plaids and strips. The sashings are all different dark blues.

This quilt is a great example of using up all my scraps. I am using all pr- cut squares and strips for the corner stones and the sashings. I feel real good about getting these old fabrics into a quilt.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

School is Out - Summer is Here

School is out and summer has began. The kids are all excited about all the summer things to do. I have 5 grand children that live with us and they are so enjoying their time this week since school got out last week.

I have been able to work a very small amount of time in the Quilt Studio this past week and I have a few things to show for it.

These are my yellow string blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month.

When I cut the string blocks down I had some left over that I decided I could not throw away so now I have these. They are 6 1/2 by 2 1/2. I haven't decided where they are going but I am sure something will come to mind when it comes time to put the string blocks together at the end of the year.

These are my 9-patches. I have made 10.

I have also completed another one of these blocks. I have 4 more to go. These blocks will be a Quilt of Valor quilt.

I have a few more of the green 9-patches done this week. I have over 60 9-patches made now.

I plan to link up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week. Many are working on some very nice projects. Click here to see all the wonderful projects going on this month.