Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Little Progress

I am making a little progress in the Quilt Studio.

This is the last Quilt of Valor and it is on the HQ. I have started the quilting but I don't have time right now to finish the quilting this week. I had a busy weekend planned but that has changed now so I may get some time to finish up this quilt and move on to a grand daughters birthday quilt. Time will tell.

This quilt is on the design wall but has not progressed in the sense that you can see the progress by looking at the design wall.

These are the unit that are getting ready for the quilt on the design wall and soon I will get these blocks all together.

I have a bunch of 4 patches ready to be sewn and then I will make the blocks for this quilt.

I will keep plodding away.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Some Stuff that is Going on in the Quilt Studio

I have several things going on in the Quilt Studio at this time.

On the design wall is half of the blocks for a new quilt that was started in May.  It is for a special project and I am loving how it is turning out. The quilt is from Bonnie Hunter and is called Floribunda. I have loved this quilt ever since Bonnie showed us an antique quilt she had found and she replicated it. I didn't have time to do this then but I really wanted to use this pattern for this project.

This is the Grand Illusion mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter and I am almost done with the outside pieced borders. This is a beautiful quilt and will be for someone special.

On my cutting table are pieces from the Floribunda quilt and also another new start which I haven't discussed on the blog yet. It is another special project and is from Jenny Doan. It is called Chevron and I think it will be great looking when I start getting it together. I am using recycled shirts and fabric from my stash only.

Well, enough for today.

Two More Completions

I have completed the two baby charity quilts that I had on the HQ.

These two quilt have the same main blocks with different spacer blocks.  The above one has green spacer blocks.

This one has white spacer blocks.  I used up the last of the fleece that I had bought a few years ago at a garage sale.

They are about 40 X 40 and I used the spiral squares pantogram. I think they will be very cuddly and will go as a boy or girl quilt.  Green and yellow are great for either boys or girls.

I will write about some more stuff going on in the Quilt Studio in another post.

Keep on Scrappin!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So What is Happening at Scrap Quilt Heaven?

I am happy to say I have been working very hard to finish blocks up that I have been using as Leader N Enders this last winter. I am tired of looking at and working on them so I finished up a bunch.

This is the blue flannel backing that I have ready to sew together for the last Quilt of Valor that is ready for quilting.  I will show this quilt when it has been completed.

This is my empty design wall. I just finished putting together the last block for a sampler quilt I was working on last winter and I put the top together yesterday. I will show it when I decide how I am going to do the borders to make it bigger.

This is my empty cutting table.

But I think I will work on cutting up these scraps today and get them into the correct bins.

These are the next three sets of blocks I am going to use as Leaders N Enders for the next few months. I talked about these in a previous post. I am getting excited to work on these new projects.

I have finished all of these blocks and have two tops together for 2 baby quilts. I have more of these blocks made but I will put them away for now and I will probably end up putting the extras into an orphan block quilt down the road.

These are the last units for the Grand Illusion quilt. I will now put the sashings on the blocks that I have all completed. This quilt is finally making some progress.

This is all I have this week but I am sure I will have some finished quilts to show soon.
Take care and Keep on Scrappin!