Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bright N Lively Completion-2015

If I was a person to name my quilts I would name this quilt 'Bright N Lively' after the little grand daughter who will receive this quilt in January for her 3rd birthday.

I purchased this Jelly Roll off Missouri Quilt Company and was real excited to try this pattern. Personally this is not colors I would normally choose but they are certainly brightly colored.

I showed this picture a week or so ago when it was on the HQ ready for quilting.

This is now completely done except for a label.

I just need to make a label and attach it. I have until the end of the year to make that label.

I quilted it with Fays Feathers with hot pink thread.  The binding is lime green and the backing is a muted teal.

What a lovely completion for 2015. I will keep on Scrappin!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Something New in my House, That is Very Old at the Same Time

I have my grandmother's Singer treadle machine now. My mother let me have it now and I have been so excited.

I have her set up in my family room next to the kitchenette.

I have cleaned and oiled her. I also, with the help of my grand daughter Lizzy, replaced the leather belt with a poly tubing that works wonderfully. At the same time Lizzy and I replaced the belt on my Ginza treadle machine.

I have used furniture polish on her cabinet but I think she needs more to restore her.

I was having problems with the tension. The thread that was in the bobbin was extremely old and a very course cotton. When I switched to my regular thread I had very bad tension with the thread looping up on top so I knew I needed to adjust the bobbin tension. I tried and tried but could not get the slide plate off and therefore could not get to the tension screw.

I looked and looked online to find out how to get the slide plate off and to adjust the bobbin tension. Finally I found two separate websites to help me with these issues.  I took off the slide plate which was a bit tricky but now seems very easy. Then I took out the bobbin holder which also was a bit tricky getting out and back in but I was able to finally get the correct tension.  I have a lovely seam.

I will be having my Mom come over to treadle away. This is the machine she learned to sew on. Her Mom bought this machine when my Mom was born, in 1933. She has fond memories of this machine.
Now this machine runs beautifully. Even after being in a storage unit for over 20 years.

Not only will I keep Scrappin away I will also be treadling away. I will show some of what I am working in this respect soon.

What Progress is Being Made?

I have been very busy in the Quilt Studio but because I was having trouble with my computer and pictures I was not able to post last week. I was very frustrated until my daughter in law, Chelsi, fixed my problem.

This is the quilt on my design wall right now.

I need to make more half square triangles for this quilt. 

This quilt was on my design wall but has been quilted and I am hand stitching the binding down now.  I will post on this quilt when it is completed and I have taken pictures.

This quilt was on my design wall before the zig zag quilt pictured above

. It is now loaded on the HQ and I am trying to decide how I want to quilt it. I will post more on this quilt later.

These blocks were worked on during our vacation 2 weeks ago.

I completed around 20 blocks. I started these blocks in a class in Panquitch, UT in June. They are called Granny Squares and I think they are beautiful blocks.

I have been very busy in the Quilt Studio but have been very errant in reporting my progress here.

I will keep on Scrappin!

Quilt of Valor Completion-2015

I am happy to say that I have the final Quilt of Valor completed.

This quilt is exactly like the first Quilt of Valor I finished in May.

The star points on these stars were left over from my Smith Mountain quilt.that I made a couple of years ago.

I decided I needed to use up these points because they were already made and they would make a wonderful Quilt of Valor.

I backed this quilt with a light blue flannel with little stars.  I quilted it with the spiral squares pantogram. This quilt needs to be delivered across the street to my neighbor soon

I am so glad to have finished these quilts so I am now concentrating my energy and time on the big project I have going now.  This project consists of many quilts.

.I will keep on Scrappin!